From the recording Rich Enough


I was made to be admired
I was dipped in vat of sex appeal, forged in Hell’s fire
I was born to love you, baby
To leave you a mumbling pile of goo just carrying on ‘bout the things that I do
If you can’t see it, there’s plenty more who will
Lots of rides yet to be given in my Coup de Ville
I’m not gonna beg you, Baby. Won’t even ask you twice
I want somethin’ more certain than the rolling of the dice

I was made to be admired
The money, the body, the boudoir know-hows the poems that I’ve inspired
I was born for easy livin’
People, they pay me to play the guitar. I’ve save up enough for a Cadillac car
It’s a smooth ride, inside and out
Feel the wind in your hair, gourmet food in your mouth
A 9 course dinner, a little midnight snack.
A napkin round your chin or a mattress on your back

I was made to be admired
I swivel my hips, give you a kiss-leave you breathless and inspired
With my chops, I gocha baby
Got a voice that’ll make you leave me in your will
Got these lightnin’ fingers won’t never sit still
What’s it gonna be? You comin’ or stayin’?
Will I be moanin’ the blues or makin’ your bacon?
Will you love me baby or throw my heart to the fire?
I can’t be waitin’ long ‘cuz I was made to be admired