1. 02 Rich Enough

From the recording Rich Enough


I don’t sail and I don’t eat ocean bugs
I don’t kiss the air, pretend I care, give out one-armed hugs
I’ve taken my fair share of humiliation, more than a few lumps
I don’t want that much, I don’t need that much
I’m just hoping that just once

I’ll let the phone ring if it’s a number I don’t kn-no ow
You’ve heard I play the blues, now you call, what do I charge?
Well, tell me, Buddy, who wants to know?
It’d be great to have so Fossil Music open up your show
I got mouths to feed, got a hankerin’ need
So let’s talk about the dough…

I wanna get Rich Enough
To call your bluff
And I’ll just walk away and not get roughed up
I’ll pack light and live heavy ‘til I’m done
It ain’t about fancy cars, ain’t about caviar
It’s just who I’m with and where we are
I’ll know I’ve arrived when I can’t hear the tic, tic, tic

You’ve never asked for anything exceeding my practical grasp
But I’ve stretched and reached and clawed-remembering times pas
When it seemed that no one-no one knew how much I yearned
For a “that a boy” or a “keep it up” or a scrap of the praise I’d earned
You’re not one to ask and you’re not one to flaunt
Sometimes it takes more strength than I have not to provide you with everything you want
Am I holding back to teach a lesson or because I can’t afford
To lay the whole world at your feet?
It’s no more than you deserve

Let me get Rich Enough and I’ll buy that stuff
And I’ll just pass it out so you would know how much
It hurt inside to feel the foolish pride
For what I could not provide

Sometimes, it’s hard to see your way
When your heart is heavy from a sixteen-hour day
You Stretch, you reach, you claw but can’t seem to find a way
To grab that brass ring though it seems only inches away

Let me get Rich Enough, etc.