1. 07 Lady Luck

From the recording Rich Enough


I’ve known you baby since you was a kid
I know how they hurt you and I know what you did
Times were tough and now it’s all the same
But I still don’t understand why you treat yourself this way
Walkin’ through the city with them stockings on your legs
I know from life you expected the keys to the store
But the future don’t look bright like it did before
Seem that lady luck she don’t love you no more

A man’s got to have a right to have a little drink
Talk to his buddies, tell ‘em what he thinks
But my baby’s disco dancin’, I see a lot of skin
It ain’t exactly pleasure and it ain’t exactly pain
To have all that blood rush away from my brain
You don’t need to torture me to win my heart
In fact, what you’re doin’s tearing me apart
Time we think it all through

Time to think about the lovin’ that we could have
Time to think about the changes that you’ve been through
Time to realize all that matters is in your soul
Time to cover up your skin
And treat yourself like gold

Maybe I’m an animal and maybe it’s fate
But I will come in if you don’t lock the gate
But if the gate don’t open, baby
I won’t run
I’ll sit on the pavement and wait for you to appear
Listen to your stories, girl I’ll always lend an ear
I’ll keep the fire that consumes locked inside
And I’ll build a structure where you and Lady Luck can hide
Seems she loved you the whole time